Natural Reserve El Refugio de Juanar

Natural Reserve El Refugio de Juanar
When you visit Marbella, you cannot help but to notice the amazing mountain range that elevates proudly just outside the city protecting the Coast from the chilly northern winds and weather and creates the mild microclimate of Marbella and the Costa del Sol in general.

This mountain range is commonly known as the “Sierra Blanca” and the mountain towering over Marbella is called “La Concha” (the Sea Shell) with extends to the North, towards which lies few kilometers away from Marbella.

If you have a car, we sincerely recommend you to head up the slope of La Concha towards the village of Ojen,  whose route starts just by La Canada Commercial Centre, this is a typical “White” Andalusian village, very interesting in itself.  If you would like to see truly unforgettable natural beauty, keep on driving up the mountain pass.

Just a few km away, on your left hand side, you will see a detour and an entrance with a sign that reads “Refugio de Juanar”, which is a natural park, a winding road that runs up the mountain. The road ends up in the “Parador” (one of the state run villa / reservation created around Spain and that are located in normally not so known areas in order to generate tourism) with a large car parking were adventurers can leave their cars.
Next to this car park, we find a small path which goes up through a pine forest and walnut trees leads you to the top of the mountain this is  a nice path planted with century old Olive trees and carpeted with wild flowers  including wild orchids.

Fauna such as wild boars, mountain goaths. royal eagles, royal owls, small lizards , harmless snakes, etc.
If you decide to visit this natural reserve,, please do not forget to bring plenty of water , climbing up the hill will quickly feel dehydrated.  During the winter time, make sure you you bring warm clothes even if in the coast is warm, a cold front may come before you notice.   Also, make sure you stick to the marked trails as even when it is difficult to get lost, but some people is still able to….

On the main trail you will find a nice pic-nic area and at the end of the trail “El Mirador” (The Lookout) which is an amazing observation point topped by a statue of a wild mountain goat, which protects one of the most spectacular views of the Costa del Sol.

Natural Reserve El Refugio de Juanar

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