White villages of Andalusia

White villages of Andalusia
You are waiting for miracles........which are not normally seen by visitors tourists who prefer exclusive beach holidays in Marbella - the beauty of the mountains and ancient architecture with traces of the influence of different cultures, Phoenicians, Romans, Celts, Arabs, Visigoths and others. Here you can meet very friendly people, as well as an - with incredibly varied and delicious cuisine catering for all tastes as well as the unique local wines famous all over the world!

The famous "white villages" of Andalusia are scattered throughout the area, beautifully complementing the scenery of the mountain slopes - the closest to our Holiday villa is the magical Mijas Pueblo. A 30 minute car ride away from Sunny Dom .

Mijas is located 30 kilometers west of Malaga, 428 meters above sea level which allow some of the best views of the coast, and is a typical Andalusian white village, It is a very popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

In the central part of Mijas Pueblo, is the town center with narrow streets, with its bullring (Plaza de toros, 1900) and many ancient Arab buildings. Earlier it was a small mountain village, where the population was engaged in agriculture, fishing and craftsmanship which can still be seen today in  the quality of their ceramics.

White villages of Andalusia. Mijas

We also recommend a visit to:

  • Ronda: A sort of capital of the "white villages". A city with a great story, on the edge of a sheer 100-meter cliff, surrounded by traces of Neolithic settlements, it has been the capital of a small kingdom. It is known as the “cradle” of bull-fighting
  • Casares: on the way to Gibraltar, a picturesque "white village" laid out on the side of the cliff . The ruins of the castle at the top overlook the Strait of Gibraltar
  • Vejer de la Frontera: fabulous "white village" at the top of a high hill with its cathedral and castle, and a cozy small attractive square and a fountain with ceramic frogs
  • Medina Sidonia - the historic "White City", the capital of the duchy of the same name. With the underground Roman galleries, a fortress, a large open area with and the Arabian arches and well away from the ocean and tourism Medina Sedonia provided a glimpse of the real ancient Spain

There are many white villages in Andalusia, but there is a small village in the far north-east of the province of Cadiz, near the border with Malaga, which experts especially recommend when visiting our region. Writer and poet from Cadiz, Jose Manuel Caballero Bonald, described it as "one of the most amazing villages in Andalusia, a sort of architectural nightmare, geologically frightening, where you will come across the fact that the home is literally carved into the rock, as if prepared to create troglodytes or platted birds, they are under huge granite ledges, creating what is called the urban maze "... “Setenil de las Bodegas” a village with a population of about 3,000 inhabitants, comes down to the Rio Trejo. Part of it was built over the gorge on the River - using natural cavities and overhangs that are built into the rock by nature.

By the way, a little away from the road to Ronda, 113 kilometers from Malaga, is an unusual village, Juzcar. Ordinarily, nothing stands out on this "white village" - until 16 June 2011. A real revolution in the lives of local residents was the premiere of the new movie Smurfs 3D when the film studio Sony Corporation chose this white village as the location for the presentation of their new film. It was decided to paint all the houses in the village in the same blue color as the heroes of comics by the Belgian artist Pierre Kyullifora, the creator of the characters of the film.

Juzcar. Ordinarily, nothing stands out on this "white village" - until 16 June 2011

Neither local residents (221 people), nor the government of Andalusia objected to such an initiative and even the local bishop agreed to the church of Santa Catalina, built in the XVI century, being colored blue
After the village served as the scenes for the premiere of the film the residents in a local referendum decided to "stay a blue color." In addition around Juzcar grow many mushrooms (which is a favorite treat for the  fictional characters Smurfs), so that in November there is a rare and wonderful event - Mycological days devoted to mushrooms growing in the valley of the Henal.

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