The historic center of Malaga

The historic center of Malaga
The provincial capital of the Costa del Sol is a picturesque and lively city with thousand of years of history. In its time, it has been Greek, Phoenician, and Roman (in the city center we find the ruins of the ancient theater built by the Romans). Arab architecture is close by, and towering over the city is the palace/fortress of the Alcazaba, a castle built by the Moorish (Arab) kings. Its beautiful flowers, palm trees and fountains are enclosed by high stone walls  that make it a castle maze and a fortress at the same time. Also we can find the lighthouse of Gibralfaro which was rebuilt in the XIV century on the site of Phoenician ancient settlements.

Due to its impressive size, the Malaga Cathedral is a landmark of Malaga. Built in Renaissance style in 1528 it was nicknamed “La Manquita” (one-armed lady) as the 2nd tower was never completed due to scarce or lack of  funding

In the exciting city of Malaga, we can find more than 40 museums and memorial sites. The most recognized are:

  • The Picasso Museum, which encloses a gallery exhibiting more than a hundred masterpieces by the artist and the Museum/House where Pablo Picasso was born and raised
  • The Carmen Thyssen Museum where more than 200 Spanish masterpieces from the mid XIX to early XX century are exhibited for the enjoyment of the visitors
  • The Malaga Museum is the museum dedicated to the history and development of the city and the province
  • The Automobile Museum, which holds a collection of vintage cars from the first self propelled “chairs with wheels” until the late sixties models.  The collection of cars include original models and automobiles which once belonged to figures of the politics, culture and artists.

In Malaga, we can also visit the smallest Church in the world. Built by Esteban Martin and local bricklayers from nearby Mijas, in Benalmadena, between 1987 and 1994, this castle pays homage to Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America. The castle offers the visitor different architectural styles: Byzantine, Roman, Gothic and Mudejar. In the interior is what is believed to be the smallest church in the world, dedicated to St Elizabeth of Hungary and  features in the Guinness Book of Records as 1,96 sqm! Spain is unique!

One of the most popular places to visit in Malaga is the “Plaza de la Merced”, internationally praised by the great artist Pablo Picasso, a few steps away from his house/ Museum.

If your interest is in architecture and landscape, we sincerely recommend that you to visit the Botanical Garden, where you can admire examples of different landscaped gardens from many places in the world and innumerable  plants from all over the planet.

A lot of attention is paid in Malaga too for the conservation of the regional fauna and flora as well of restoration of nature.  The “Aula del Mar” Maritime Museum offers the contemplation of more than 500 species of the flora and fauna of the Sea of Alboran, our local part of the Mediterranean.

Please bear in mind that just 5 minutes by car from our holiday villa is the Marbella Bus station with buses going to Malaga “non-stop”, so during your holiday you can organize several visits to the historic center of Malaga and visit most of the historic sites and attractions.

MALAGA. The provincial capital of the Costa del Sol

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