National holidays in Marbella

National holidays in Marbella

Night of Saint John (June)

Saint Juan (John) night is celebrated on 24 June. celebrates the summer equinox and is widely celebrated in all the beaches of Marbella. The residents of Marbella go the beaches for the traditional Sardines roasted on a spit on an open fire and for the exceptional bonfires to celebrate the beginning of the summer season and wine drinking festival on the beach. This festival heralds the onset of summer and celebrates the shortest night of the year. Just after midnight with happiness everyone goes to wash their feet in the sea, to assure good luck for the coming season and with the  sound of  traditional music playing on all the beaches of Costa del Sol until morning.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

In Spain these days are perhaps the most peaceful and quietest of the year. In Marbella almost all the shops, restaurants and bars are closed on Christmas Eve early as this evening Spaniards celebrate with their families the traditional Christmas dinner. On the table: seafood, shrimp, stuffed squid, etc. They are combined with smoked ham, stuffed quail eggs, salads and meat dishes. Christmas is a national Spanish holiday, which is celebrated here surprisingly quietly...

Day of the Three Kings (January)

In Spain,  this holiday is highly honored, the evening of 6 January in most Spanish cities with parades, or as the Spaniards called them "Cabalgata" horse procession,  mostly for children to enjoy
Men dress as the Three Kings, and drive around the city on special platforms in the procession throwing candies into the crowd and other sweets.  Most children wait until the next morning, when the real Three Kings bring them gifts. January 6, is a public holiday and day off in Spain.

Annual carnival (Winter)

Just as in most Catholic countries, the Carnival in Spain is held 40 days before they get their presents. Historians claim that the carnival tradition originally came from Venice to Spain and entered the country through Cadiz, a port on the south-western Spain, which for centuries has been associated with extensive trade with Venice
Like most cities in Andalusia, Marbella holds a special parade and many other events to celebrate Carnival. Carnival provides an opportunity for local residents to really relax, as if they need  permission! Most participants of the festival dressed in fancy-dress clothes and masks

Holy Week - Semana Santa (spring)

As with every other Catholic country, "Holy Week" or «Semana Santa» in Spanish is when the most important cultural and religious life of the country is lived. Throughout the week, in towns and villages across the country host a variety of religious processions, out of the church, through the streets of the city. Local men are honored by having the great pleasure of carrying on their shoulders the statue of the Virgin Mary in mourning robes, and the images of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. These solemn processions are the result of work throughout the year to create statues, costumes and stage-training, which ultimately offers the impression of genuine sorrow and glory
Among the most amazing spectacles stands procession of people dressed in colorful or white robes with tall, conical hoods. These traditional clothes called «Nazareno» (derived from the name of the city of Nazareth). Its history dates back to the Middle Ages, when they were worn by penitents to conceal their faces. There is no doubt that the sorrow overflowing in their hearts is sincere and many stakeholders cry during the processions. During the evening, you can hear the mournful sighs and chants (saetas) from the balconies, dedicated to a statue that passes in front of them.
The Holy Week in Marbella it is a serious tradition. By preparing the biggest processions in the entire city, from small to large. All are dressed in their best Sunday suits to take part in the procession
Visitors and tourists should respect and observe these customs and dress codes. The processions are held throughout the week, until Easter. The largest and most spectacular parades are held on the Great Thursday, Good Friday and Glory Saturday.

Remember that up to date information about the plans during your holiday events is available at Reception at Sunny Dom Holiday Villa.

Remember that up to date information about the plans during your holiday events is available at Reception at Sunny Dom Holiday Villa.

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