Holiday in Spain in May - the weather, events, excursions on the Costa del Sol

01.05.2013 Spain is a land of mystery and many people often dream of visiting the land in order to enjoy the benefits that it offers. It is one of the most popular cultural centres of Europe and attracts tourist from all over the world. Some say it is a “museum in open air”. Colorful cities, ancient monuments and museums, fabulous beaches, favorable climate and very friendly people, that is what you will find in Spain...

Visit In May and enjoy summer weather!

Depending on the area the weather in Spain in May, will show striking differences such as dry areas whilst others are famous for frequent rain. However there are parts of Spain where the sun constantly shines all over the year and the Mediterranean Sea gently sooths with the sounds of the waves.

One of these places, the Costa del Sol (Sun Coast in English) which has an absolutely justifiable name as the sun shines an average of 325 days a year with warm and stable weather and the bathing season starts much early than the rest of the coasts of Spain.

And then, when May summer starts its reign, Temperatures climb to 25º….28º and the water up to 18º/20ºC. So if you do not like the intense heat of summer, then take your holidays in May or September / October It might be exactly what you dreamed the whole working year!

May holidays in Marbella…. What to visit and what to do?

The Spaniards, , some of the most cheerful people in the world will offer you fun whatever the time of the year you come on holiday and you will inevitably find yourself at a festival or carnival.

In mid-May there is a festival of cute patios, on these days the residents of Córdoba compete in the decoration of their interior patios with flowers. And they are proud to show them to the visitors

In late May, the Spanish celebrate the "RomeríadelRocío" a colorful "pilgrimage" from Seville to Almonte in Huelva where they present their respects to the "Virgin of the Rocío". You can combine a trip to the festival with a fascinating tour "Cordoba-Seville-Granada". This is the hot Spanish south with a touch of Arabian flavor.
If you are fond of the creativity of Salvador Dali, in Marbella there is the beautiful Avenida del Mar in the historic centre of Marbella decorated with exquisite sculptures of Rhinos and if you are fond of the historic quarters the old town is within walking distance.

All over the mountainous regions of Andalusia survive something extraordinary known as the "White Villages". In these places you can get acquainted with the history of the region, taste incredibly delicious cuisine and unique local wines.

Also visit Malaga, a picturesque city, the provincial capital of the Costa del Sol, with its Roman ruins from the time of their rule such as the amphitheater and it endless offer of museums and variety of attractions.
If when visiting Marbella you wish to try an active hiking experience, please plan a visit to one of Spain's most famous attractions. The Caves of Nerja, where you will admire cave paintings, fragments of pottery and stone tools from the Neolithic times.

As you can see, in Spain May can be quite interesting month in its variety. You can bask on the Sandy Beaches of the Costa del Sol, or go on exciting excursions or maybe attach yourself to the colorful Spanish culture and always try the real and unique Spanish cuisine.

Enjoy your holiday in Spain to the limit, we are waiting for you to visit from May the 1st !

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