You may rent a villa in Spain without intermediaries!

01.05.2013 As soon as the Sunny Dom holiday villa website for bookings was uploaded through several channels to book holidays we started to receive requests for guests visiting with children

The answer is: For those wishing to holiday in Spain with children it is only possible to make a booking if you decide to:

Rent our villa in Marbella in its entirety for more than 5 nights!

This would offer you:
  • 5 spacious and comfortable rooms and a spacious common area
  • a maximum occupancy of 10+4 additional places
  • direct access to the beach, straight from the front garden

However, we do not cater for children under 7 years of age due to the lack of amenities and facilities suitable for those under that age.

When renting as a villa, the villa concept remains as Bed & Breakfast - that is to say that the accommodation price includes breakfast, and a 10% discount on the base cost of the rooms

The cost to rent our villa in Spain during the 2013 holiday season will be 760€/night including breakfast for all guests

Please remember that the booking of our villa will be done directly with us, avoiding the possibility of fraud or unscrupulous management of bookings by so called intermediaries. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

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