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25.01.2016 Follow us on your favourite social media
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04.05.2013 The official website of Sunny Dom Holiday Villa
Today we placed on line our website of in English. From May 1, 2013 we will be glad to see you visiting us in the beautiful city of Marbella! Read more >>>
01.05.2013 Holiday in Spain in May - the weather, events, excursions on the Costa del Sol
Depending the area the weather in Spain in May, will show striking differences such as an area dry and the other famous for frequent rain. However there are parts of Spain where the sun constantly shines all over the year and the Mediterranean Sea gently sooths with the sounds of the waves... Read more >>>
01.05.2013 You may rent a villa in Spain without intermediaries!
As soon as we created a website for our Sunny Dom holiday villa through several channels to book holidays we started to receive requests for guests visiting with children. The answer is: For those not wishing to accept our concept of a holiday in Spain without children it is only possible to make a booking if you decide to rent our villa in Marbella in its entirety for more than 5 nights! Read more >>>