Rules and regulations of the Holiday Villa Sunny Dom

In order to assure the total relaxation and comfort of our guests and ensure your safety, we have established a few simple rules that need to be accepted by our guests.

We sincerely hope that you will read them and accept them with understanding, please follow  them to assure a pleasant stay for you and your other much appreciated guests.

  • Except as agreed with rental of the complete villa, children and adolescents under the age of 16 years are not permitted in the villa. On the arrival at the villa all guests and visitors must present a passport or any document proving identity and age
  • If during the stay you leave the villa for more than one day please be sure to inform and return the room keys to the reception
  • Under no event or circumstances may flammable, explosive, poisonous and toxic substances and materials be stored in a guest’s room
  • Access to the guest-rooms by people unregistered as guests is not allowed
  • We kindly ask you to refrain from smoking in the rooms, smoking areas are available on the outside terraces. If you violate this rule the smoke will set off the fire alarm – as will the steam from a hot water tap left running !
  • For easy storage of money, documents and valuable every room has a mini-safe. The villa will not be responsible under any condition for the loss of money and valuables
  • In order to maintain the ecological well-being of our region, we kindly ask that when leaving the room to turn off the lights, water taps and air conditioning and to close the windows
  • In the case of loss or damage to property, guests must cover the cost of damage repair which will be charged according to the price list which can be found at Reception at any time convenient for you
  • Please abide by the rules of courtesy and do not disturb other guests’ comfort and rest. In case of persistent violation of this rule, you may be required to leave our villa
  • In a case when the right of residence is past due, i.e. not paying for your stay,  guests are subject to eviction as permitted by law
  • Please note that our villa is a private institution. The management reserves the right at any time to refuse your continuing to stay and to claim payment for unused days of vacation. This right of refusal may be without explanation and with notice of denial of service for 12 hours before the arranged time of your departure