Pillow menu

Pillow menu at Sunny Dom Holiday Villa

We all know that it is natural that we should spend at least one third of our lifetime in bed, those "sacred" 8 hours, resting body and mind to face everyday challenges or pleasures...

And off course, the way in which we lay to rest the most important part of our body, the head, acquires great significance as it directly affects the quality of our sleep and hence the state of your health.

As a result of a study made by the American edition of Home Textiles Today, it is said that in 2010 Americans spent in excess of 740 million Dollars in pillows and cushions. In spite of overall decline in sales in this segment of the market, people are well aware that when going to bed if all is arranged to your liking, it is possible to achieve a level of comfort that will allow you to sleep better and improve your health and well-being.

When you sleep in a villa, in most cases you will receive a standard pillow and the most that villas can normally do for you is to provide is an extra pillow and a blanket.... But for people accustomed to sleep on a particular type of pillow which has become an important part of their life, an uncomfortable pillow could be a problem reflected in their health and mood.

For a long time, the issue of choosing the perfect pillow has kept the best minds on the matter busy… All the world´s major villa brands have their own set of pillows available on request; however, no villa in the world can cater for the tastes of all guests! All they can do is get as close as they can to the ideal. Special villas offer their guests a so called "pillow menu".

Sunny Dom Holiday Villa has taken as a role model The Benjamin, in New York.

With the kind permission of The Benjamin we took advantage of their approach to the issue of sleeping well and decided to include within our list of services a "pillow menu".

In our Sunny Dom Holiday Villa, Marbella we are happy to offer nine pillow options and listing them in our "pillow menu":

Musical Pillows1. Musical Pillows
  • This pillows have built-in speakers that allow connecting with audio sources such as iPhone, iPad, MP3 players, etc... which you can enjoy without having to use sleep disturbing headphones. You can listen to audio books, music or special relaxing sounds.
  • These pillows are also well recommended for those persons having trouble falling asleep - we advise them together with a soothing aromatherapy.
Pillows supporting the entire body2. When air supports the entire body!
  • These pillows have a U-shape and create adequate support for the shoulders, back and neck.
  • With this type of pillow you can throw a leg - perfect for those who sleep on their back or side.
  • Ideally suited for women during pregnancy for a comfortable sleeping position.
V-shaped pillow3. V-shaped pillow
  • Provides additional support to the head, neck and upper back, convenient for those persons who prefer to sleep on their backs.
  • Reading in bed is much more comfortable.
  • This type of pillow can also be placed under the back when sitting on a chair.
Classic Orthopedic pillows made of shape-memory material4. Classic Orthopedic pillows made of shape-memory material
  • Recommended for persons who like to sleep on your back or in a prone position.

Orthopedic pillows of shape-memory material with neck support5. Orthopedic pillows of shape-memory material with neck support
  • Perfectly suited for those who prefer to sleep on the sides or on prone positioning.

Orthopedic pillows of shape-memory material supporting the neck6. Orthopedic pillows of shape-memory material supporting the neck
  • Good for those who like to sleep on their backs or in a supine positioning.
Water filled pillows7. Water filled pillows
  • The presence of water allows the cushion to respond to the position of the head.
  • The degree of fullness makes it possible to adjust a pillow under you.
  • The cooling effect of the water increases the comfort while sleeping.
The classic big feather pillows 8. The classic big feather pillows, size 60 * 60 cm.

9. Hypoallergenic pillows, size 40 x 80 cm made of perforated material, very well ventilated.

You can order your pillow in advance when booking at Sunny Dom Holiday Villa as well as during your stay - and if you have not found the most comfortable pillow, you can experiment with a different one every day!