Villa Child-Free (Marbella, Spain)

Vacation without kids in Marbella!

Vacation without kids in Marbella!

Traditionally, the Mediterranean coast of Spain is a family resort, with many villas in Marbella where you can relax together with children of any age ..

But what about those who decide to enjoy a break and, to relax by the sea in Marbella away from children..?  They should choose one of the rooms at the sunny Dom Holiday Villa!

Our Holiday Villa has a “child free” policy.
No uproar, shouting and stampeding around while you relax, no early wake-ups due to a baby crying, no noisy games around you during brunch!

While you relax by the calm Mediterranean sea, Sunny Dom Holiday Villa offers you the opportunity to enjoy the company of your partner perhaps during a romantic weekend!

Partying at the best beach clubs in Marbella during the evening, and quiet.....fresh sea morning breezes and that morning sleep.....

To learn how you can spend a Child-Free Weekend in Marbella - in this video ;)